Friday, October 21, 2011

Miami Half/Full Marathon in January anyone?

For the last few winters some GRC runners have went to a warmer location to escape the DC cold and run a race. Last year, we went to Charleston and had a great time. This year, I propose -- Miami!

The Miami marathon/half marathon and 5K is Sunday, Jan 29, 2012. While its still nice now, by late January I'm sure you will have had you full of ice covered trails and sidewalks here. Miami is in the mid-70s in January, which will be a welcome break from the mid 30s. The race starts very early in the morning (6:15am), so you will finish before it gets too hot and will have time to enjoy the beach afterwards.

I propose that we go for 3-4 days, maybe leaving on a Thursday night after work and returning home Sunday night or Monday. In the past we have driven south for a winter race, but Miami is 16-18 hours and flights are really cheap ($151 rt last time I looked, from DCA!). Hotels in Miami proper are really cheap also (thank you South Florida housing bubble), Miami Beach is a little more expensive but we could probably find something reasonable if we book early enough.

If you are interested, email Andy and he'll make a separate mailing list to discuss plans.
If you don't have Andy's email, let me know (Grstults [at] gmail [dot] com) and I'll forward your information to him.