Friday, May 21, 2010

Alternative Routes & Expansion

First of all, thanks to Mike for getting the blog set up!

A few people have expressed (myself included) a desire to run different routes to spice up the Tuesday and Thursday runs. If there's a sizable contingent that agrees, let's start doing a different run on Thursdays.

I'm happy to map out some runs and post the maps here on the blog before the run so people can see where they are. We'd still meet at the store and run in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Additionally, CCRC is looking to expand the membership of the club - how do all of you think we can attract more people to the runs? And, once they come, to make sure they keep coming back?

A few of the ideas that have been bandied about:

-getting a coach to help with programs for a group that's training for the same race (like the Chicago Marathon)
-organizing some stuff other than running like pasta dinners (a la MCM 09) or happy hours at different venues
-setting up pacing groups for Saturday long runs (like DC Road Runners)

Please voice your opinions!



  1. Hi Amber,

    One route that I like in this neighborhood is to run up Wisconsin Ave. to 42nd St., take that south to Van Ness St., and then hook up with the Glover Archibald trail. From there you can follow Glover Archibald all the way to where it meets up with the CCT near Georgetown University and loop back around to Friendship Heights. However, that's 11 miles. A shorter version of that route would be to split off from Glover Archibald at the Battery Kemble trail, and then get back on the CCT in Palisades. I'm not sure of the mileage, but I'd guess it is probably about 8. I would be up for trying either one with the group... in fact, I'm probably going to run the 11-mile loop tomorrow if anyone wants to join me.


  2. Get on the CCT the other way, charge up through Bethesda, do a lap around the NIH, and come back. That's ~8 miles.

  3. I like the idea of setting up pacing groups for Saturday long runs. I'm in for that.