Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cheers from the North Carolinan CanAmerican

I just got invited to add to this blog by Mike. I left Washington DC and unfortunately the Georgetown running group about 6 months ago and I miss you guys soooo much. The runners around here are mostly men and not nearly as cool as you guys (and gals).

After moving to High Point, I spent the first few months getting settled and learned that the local running store is 30 minutes from my place and runs start at 5:40 on tuesdays and 6:00 PM on thursdays. I get out from the company at 5:30 PM and so I could not attend. I went from weighing 185 lbs from the marine corps marathon to 215 lbs in notime. At that point I had to make a decision and that decision was to immediately sign up for the North Carolina Half Marathon without any training. This is a sane decision for a longtime runner, anyone reading this blog who has not run full marathon distance or is not part of the Georgetown running group should not attempt this.

Anyways... that decision saved my running life. I started to run on my own and then with the Off'n'Running group on Thursdays. One Saturday, I randomly drove up to Washington DC and ran 14 miles with Winnie. I just don't like the the running community here and Winnie is much more interesting to talk to.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, I found my passion for running again. Following a random 5k race hosted by the Triad Triathlon Team, I was invited to a swim clinic where I tried a full body suit and swam 200 meter laps around a bouey. I signed up for the Sprint Triathlon that was to be held at that site the next week and loved it! I never thought a 5k could be that fun again and it was after swimming 800m, biking 13 miles and then running the 5k.

I am now an addicted Triathlete. I have joined the USAT, Triad Triathlon Team, a masters swim group at the Y, a spin class at the Rush, a bike group, still train with Off'n'running and now lift weights at the rush for upper body. I just completed my first Olympic Distance Triathlon called "Over the Mountain" and this is my third Tri to date. I am now 205 having lost 11 pounds of fat and gained 1 pound of muscle and so I compete as a Clydesdale at these events. I will surely do a half Ironman (Swim:1.2 Bike:56 Run:13.1) in a few months time and probably a Sprint or Olympic in between. My social life has improved now that I am in the Triathlon crowd and life in North Carolina is starting to make sense.

Again I really miss you guys and if you have an event that you will cause you to travel South at all I am sooo there. I'm up for a good Half Marathon anytime or a Full with some advance notice.


Marc Bourbeau

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