Wednesday, August 11, 2010

9 Miles for Thursday anyone?

Hi All, Once again my training plan is calling for a 9 miler tomorrow (Thursday), so I'm hoping that there are others that would like to join me...already had a few takers at the happy hour tonight, but leave a comment if you'd like to join in so we know to expect you! We'll leave the store a bit early~ at 6:40 from the store. See you tomorrow!

Not quite as creative as Degas here with the cartoons, especially seeing as how it's after the happy hour and I'm looking forward to sleep. Will try harder next time.

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  1. Folks may want to keep an eye on the weather, as of now it is a 50% chance of thunderstorms from 6-8pm.

    If it is anything like what rolled through this morning down my way, and perhaps clipped some of you as the storm made its way north, you certainly don't want to be caught out in that.