Monday, August 9, 2010

Ultimate Frisbee

Hey gang!

A week or two back at a glorious HH, discussion came up about putting together a GRC ultimate frisbee team to play at the lowest rings of experience for another excuse to run around on a Saturday. This email is to tell ya’ll this is still happening and that we’re starting to mobilize. Since the League website is still a bit slow to update, I’m putting together a list of emails to add to a Google group to starting organizing interested people for a roster / email distro.

This is totally open to anyone in the running club or your friends – so please forward this email at will. If you’re interested just send me an email and I’ll add ya.

Also, this weekend we’re getting together to throw and meet the other teammates at the Washington Monument around 11:00am. If you’ve never played ultimate in a “competitive” setting (reminder: this team is for fun, not for competition so we don’t care at all about our record) this might be good so we can start telling you some basic rules and throwing tips. And if you already know the game, then come anyways so we can hang and throw.

Location: Washington Monument
Time: 11:00am
Look for: Clay and a frisbee

Cheers for now,


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